How to get 10 CGPA in class 10th?

How to get 10 CGPA in class 10th?

  • Maintain a good relationship with your teachers. Yes, this is Important.  They will help you if you respect them.
  • Study.
  • Don’t study way too hard (Ask any Ranker), stick/read thoroughly to the NCERT books.
  • Solve all ncert maths questions and then solve solved examples from RD Sharma. If your teachers provide you with notes read them and read them seriously.
  • Study regularly (at least 4 days a week for two hours a day). Follow Your Routine.
  • Download StayFocused extension if you use Google Chrome. It will help you regulate the time you spend on any particular websites. (Don’t Waste time on WhatsApp and FB.)  I use this trust me this is amazing!

As a 10 CGPA (no upgrades) student this year, I think I can definitely help you out with this one – here are my subject wise tips – guaranteed to work!

English: Read all your lessons at least 5 times over the year, or at least remember all stories.  what happens is amazing – when a question is asked, your mind almost brings an image of the page in the textbook with the answer in front of your eyes! It’s just like reading a novel; you remember every detail about the characters – you gotta get that with your lessons!  Let me know if you want it – I can send it to you via email or WhatsApp (if I can find it!!)

Hindi: If you are taking another language like any regional language, you can skip this. I scored 97 in hindi Subject.  For Hindi, be sure to read summaries in reference books and textbook (ND Sharma is best in this category) – our textbooks barely have any sample questions worth reading. Also, you might have been given a thick grammar book (kind of pinkish on the cover!) – read muhavre from there without fail – otherwise you will lose those marks! For writing section, you have to get to know vocab words which the examiner will be looking for – this is especially useful when the question has a vocab word they expect you to not know.

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Math: From my experience, I would say, however, lazy you are, solve math RD Sharma (the whole book) over the year. Many of the ‘out of textbook’ questions come from there. If you want, I have compiled a list of the most important (for me) sums in RD Sharma, again, via email.. though if you just joined tenth, I would highly recommend solving the whole book. Practice the textbook, and don’t neglect optional exercises – my classmates thought it was unnecessary and we got 2 4 mark questions from there – not even the numbers changed!!

Science: Solve Oswaal and 100% success for idea on how questions are framed, and learn the textbook in the form of paras, you can get questions on concepts, where you can just write the para with the diagram or one mark questions, which if you know the para, they will be a piece of cake. Lab manual, it is better to learn the experiment as a theory, but also know precautions, or conclusions and stuff like that as answers – as you will get at least one question like that.

Social: Know the textbooks inside out. You don’t need any reference book – I didn’t use a single one. Take notes in your textbook – marking each paragraph with a possible question. While revising, read the textbook question wise. Make your own maps, as only certain labeling are required. Looking at the textbook maps will overwhelm you (personal experience) but seeing only like 5 labeling on each map makes the task so much more manageable.

In general, try to take notes regularly and read from them. Math requires a lot of practice, but is easy!

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Let me know if you need help with a specific thing, I have meticulous notes for everything and I can dig them up for you.

Cheers and good luck!

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